The Camp @ Steam Hollow

Overnight camp

July 21- August 3, 2019

Ripton, Vermont

Located at the junction of Alder Brook and the North Branch of the Middlebury River in Ripton, Steam Hollow is 75 acres is full of woodlands, hiking trails, wetlands, beaver dams and a swimming pond. The camp is “off-grid” - powered by a solar array. We will be sleeping in tents and yurts and truly able to immerse ourselves in camp life and learning each other’s stories. We will be spending some of our time at this camp site, some time camping at state parks and some time on the trail.

Daily Activities

Ancient Technologies: fire, clay oven building, atl-atl making and throwing, bow and arrow making and shooting, blacksmithing. Campers will get a chance to work on a project of their choice (or do a little bit of all of it) during our morning workshops each day.

Science: Orienteering, stream explorations, simple machines, human body and evening star gazing. We will spend a little bit of time each day learning about the way the natural world works through hands-on activities that are at least as much play as learning.

Discussion: What do you care about? What’s it like to be you? Do you worry about the world? What do you love doing? Our day centers around a time to be together and discuss the things that are important to us and build our community. What you think matters and there are people here to listen. We will have some structured discussions around music, power, humanity, relationships and society. And, we will have a time each day for anyone to bring up anything they feel like sharing.

Outings & Adventures: From geocaching, to hiking to the tops of mountains, to jumping into rivers, to mountain biking, to boating, we will head out to explore in the afternoons. We may work in an overnight backpacking trip if campers are motivated to get out on the trail.

Cooking: Every camper will get the chance to be part of the cooking crew at least one day during the camp, working with our camp chef. You can bring your creativity and be part of planning the meal, or just be on the team that will bring culinary delights to the rest of the camp! Meals will be made over grills and outdoor ovens that we make as part of the camp.

Music, Theater, Poetry and Evening Fun: After supper, the music studio will be open for business - whether you want to be part of the creative crew writing songs, mixing tracks, playing in the band, or just hanging out and playing pool in the next room, there will be an easy, fun music scene to be part of. If that is not your jam, then maybe the fire, down by the pond will be the place you like to hang out, singing songs and telling ghost stories. Or, you may settle in for a game of Katan in the Yertle or reading a book in the library. Of course, we’ll have a few movie nights, talent shows and other fun events over the course of our two weeks together.

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