Liam Corcoran

is a Monktonite who loves problem-solving, music making and learning new things. He’ll be offering campers opportunities to discover what it means to be a superhero, how to be one and the opportunities to make a difference in the world. We will all unearth our unique abilities, discuss and play as we discover what it means to be a superhero as a friend, an entrepreneur and an artist. We will hear from superheroes in our own community, learn about some of the most amazing superheroes through history and how we aren't so different from them. Ultimately though, if you have an idea of what you want to do, we can do it.

If you are interested in business, justice, politics, health, or art you should join us! Liam studied Social-Entrepreneurship at Champlain College and has recently worked in two start-ups, developed and implemented afterschool curriculum, and worked on state-wide projects around Restorative Justice. Most importantly he's been having a blast making music for 8 years communicating messages of political, social and self-awareness.


Aylee Tudek

Aylee lives the mountains of Lincoln VT. She is a graduate of Mt. Abe union high school, Seamester Sailing School, and is currently a student at Community College of Vermont. Aylee loves to travel, explore and learn new things in active, hands on settings especially the great outdoors.

When Aylee is not at school she works as a carpenter, enjoys doing personal woodworking projects, going fishing, swimming, and doing temporary art installments that bring out the beauty that already exists in nature.

With Aylee, campers will be encouraged to incorporate creativity and art into their daily activities. They will explore and use the materials provided by Mother Nature as well as whatever else they need to get their creative ideas out into the open, including but not limited to; rocks, sticks, leaves, dirt, berries and nuts, charcoal, sunlight, hand-made paints and dyes, shadows, contrasts, water and fire.

Eric bio photo2.JPG

Eric Warren

is a science and outdoor education teacher with 18 years experience teaching, organizing and engaging middle and high school students in real-world explorations. He likes to try things to see what happens, get his hands dirty, take things apart and build things. He also loves skiing, mountain biking, hiking, playing ultimate frisbee, as well as carpentry, metal sculpture, ecology, social justice, renewable energy, and his incredible family and community in Lincoln, Vermont. He holds a B.A. in Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, an M.A. in Social Ecology from Goddard College and was a founding teacher at the North Branch School in Ripton, VT.


John Dickason

has been making music for over 45 years now. His primary instrument has always been the guitar, both electric and acoustic, but also plays mandolin, banjo, keys, flute, saxophone, bass and hammered dulcimer. He has composed a couple of hundred songs, and has recorded multiple projects in both acoustic and electric genres. He has built guitars, basses, bouzoukis and hammered dulcimers as well as houses, barns, canoes and a sailboat in his career as a woodwright and carpenter. He’s written a couple of books of poetry and a novella called Across Dancing Waters. After many years with the Planet Dance Band, he is currently a guitarist with GumboYA YA, a 7-9 piece world groove band. He lives in The independent Republic of South Starksboro with his partner Cherrie, daughter Leyla, Jake the yellow lab, Cedric the cat, and four assorted chickens.


Leeya Tudek

is a recent Mount Abe High School graduate. She enjoys hiking, swimming, dogsledding, horseback riding, long boarding, watercolor, spray, and acrylic painting, and mixed media art. She is excited to share her passion for expression through art and writing.

Leeya will be leading a mixed media art project at the camp this summer: With a variety of media, we will explore art in many forms. Learning techniques and being exposed to new ideas will make up a big part of our time, but developing style and continuing to practice skills is encouraged too. Art gives a unique voice to its creator and eventually we hope to tap into that, making personal projects to say something important that the artist is passionate about. From traditional watercolor landscapes, painted wooden cutouts, or whatever any aspiring artist can do, the main goal is to create.


Aidan Warren

is a graduating Mount Abe High School student who has been experimenting with making noises his entire life. He started out banging on a snare drum and since has learned to play many instruments including guitar and trumpet, only to land on his instrument of choice, the computer. For the last 5 years Aidan has been honing his skills as a music producer and sound engineer and will be releasing his debut album sometime in the coming months. Aside from music Aidan also has been skiing for most of his life.