Overnight camp

July 21- August 3, 2019

Ripton, Vermont

Located at the junction of Alder Brook and the North Branch of the Middlebury River in Ripton, Steam Hollow is 75 acres is full of woodlands, hiking trails, wetlands, beaver dams and a swimming pond. Facilities include a dining house, a music studio, a woodshop, outdoor cooking facilities, the “Yertle” —camp support cabin, volleyball, horseshoes and plenty of cozy nooks to get away from the bustling daily camp life. The camp is “off-grid” - powered by a solar array. We will be sleeping in tents and yurts and truly able to immerse ourselves in camp life and learning each other’s stories - but we won’t want for any of the comforts that we need to make this an amazing 2-week adventure!

After an early morning dip in the pond (for those hearty enough to brave it - no pressure…), stoking the morning fire and breakfast, the Camp @ Steam Hollow will start each day with morning activities such as art projects, wood carving, building or metal working at our workshop or around the firepit. There will be opportunities to be part of a group building effort (such as building an outdoor pizza oven) or to take on an individual project.

Each morning will also include just a little bit of science… We may be investigating the organisms that live in the bottom of the stream, or making machines to use in our zucchini hurling competitions, or finding out about how the human body works. We will also do some stargazing at night - learning to navigate the night sky while lying on our backs in our sleeping bags. Our science explorations will be at least as fun as they are educational - we promise that it won’t hurt much and you will learn something useful!

Our late morning camp council is the heart and soul of our experience together. Here we will discuss things that have come up at camp, make decisions about things that we want to do together, hear stories and poetry and talk about the big issues and ideas that confront young people - both in their personal lives and in society and the world. We will get to know each other, to know something about what campers feel is important, and be heard for the wonderful, unique things that each person brings to the camp.

Lunch and chores are a time when the camp all pitches in to do something together before some down time to get ready for our afternoon adventure. This could be a hike to a nearby mountain, a mountain bike ride, “swamp mucking”, a trip to a river swimming hole or maybe, a trip to a museum or a movie.

Evenings at camp are when the fun really begins. Supper will be cooked by a team of campers working with the camp chef - there are lots of opportunities to learn both outdoor and indoor cooking techniques. Afterwards, the music studio will be open for business - whether you want to be part of the creative crew writing songs, mixing tracks, playing in the band, or just hanging out and playing pool in the next room, there will be an easy, fun music scene to be part of. If that is not your jam, then maybe the fire, down by the pond will be the place you like to hang out, singing songs and telling ghost stories. Or, you may settle in for a game of Katan in the Yertle or reading a book in the library. Of course, we’ll have a few movie nights, talent shows and other fun events over the course of our two weeks together.

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