We get it, sending your child to us for a two week adventure is a huge leap of faith. Will they be safe? Are they going to have all of their needs met? Will someone be watching out that they will be truly included? What if something goes wrong? These are all reasonable questions and concerns. Below are the names and contact info for parents who have sent their children to our camps and they have graciously agreed to be references for STEAM VT camps. Please contact any of them to help make up your mind about sending your child to one of our camps.

  • Meg Wyatt (802)989-4793 megwyatt@earthlink.net

  • Nora Swan-Croll (802)377-5720 Swanlake.n@gmail.com

  • Wanda Otero (802)363-3799 wotero@vtnea.org

  • Jenn Buker (802)349-6292 jennbuker@yahoo.com

  • Dede Valkyrie (802)453-4717 dedevalkyrie@yahoo.com

  • Yulia Steinberg  (802)382-4017 geveret@gmail.com