Camp Sign-up

Please use this form to sign up for either Fire and Water Day camp or the Camp @ Steam Hollow. If cost is a factor, please sign-up and let us know - we are fundraising furiously for camperships!

Fire & Water Day Camp: cost includes 2 night overnight at Button Bay, day programs at Maritime Museum and all meals for the overnight. Lunch will be provided for the rest of the camp.

July 1-12, 2019

Sliding scale: $300-600 (our break-even cost is about $500 with the Button Bay overnight and about $400 without)

If cost is still a factor, please sign-up for campership funding!

Steam Hollow Overnight Camp: cost includes all meals, transportation, sleeping accommodations (campers should bring sleeping bag/pad if they have them).

July 21-August 3

Sliding Scale: $800 - $1,800 (our break-even cost is about $1,300)

If cost is still a factor, please sign-up for campership funding!

Camperships are available for both camps. We also accept payment plans, so please sign-up regardless of ability to pay!

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Payments are accepted by Paypal (click below) or check, mailed to Steam VT; 29 Varney Road; Lincoln, VT 05443 You may pro-rate if only doing part of a camp.
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Please describe how much you are able to pay for this camp and how much you are requesting from our campership fund.
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Please check all gear camper can bring to camp - we will provide anything that campers are not able to bring. Additionally, campers will need: sneakers, sandals for walking in river, bathing suit, towel, rain coat, layered clothing, water bottles.

Payment: Please send check to: Steam Vermont; 29 Varney Road; Lincoln, VT 05443 or click below (include a note indicating what payment is for). Thank you!