Welcome to STEAM Vermont


We believe that youth, ages 13-15 should have exciting, fun, engaging and challenging things to do in the summer!

Our programs center around respecting this incredible time of life and the things that young people are capable of. Our summer camps are intended to engage minds and bodies in creative and exciting opportunities to learn, develop skills and have fun in supportive communities of peers and adults. We are not a geeky academic camp, nor are we a guts-and-glory adventure camp, but we do have aspects of both of these things as we push teens to discover their own passions, push their limits and make connections to friends they will have for years to come.

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Whether we are learning to build a pizza oven, paddle a canoe or how the human reproductive system works, campers will have the opportunity to let their unique brilliance shine while gaining an appreciation for the strengths of their peers. We will climb mountains and we will sing songs, write raps and pound on hot iron, learn to cook over and open fire and navigate the starry night sky over our heads. But, most of all, we will learn to listen to each other’s stories and learn to look at the world through each other’s eyes.

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