Higher ground, perspective, challenge, breathing, reaping the rewards of hard work, true beauty of experience, introspection - diving within, stress relief, perceptional shift, empowerment through movement, loosening up, letting go, feeling wild and free, connecting deeply with the rhythms of the natural world as well as within ones body, mind and spirit. Mountains connect us with earth, sky and our innermost selves. Developing the inner athlete- Focus, poise, determination and a striving to see the larger view.

Human body awareness : Whats in there anyway, How does it work, Systems:  muscle, neuro, lymphatic, blood, organ, digestive. Eastern vs Western health philosophies – finding the balance. Nutrition, strength, flexibility, aerobic/anaerobic.

Finding a passion for movement while connecting with the natural world.

Experiencing Mountains: Hiking, biking, long trail, climbing, yoga, meditation, camping, sunsets and rises, rivers and watersheds, plants and seasons, reading the landscape, awareness of place without technology, wilderness survival.