Here at STEAM Vermont, we know how to do experiential education.  We can take apart old pianos and printers and make wild, kinetic sculptures.  We make our music with old plumbing pipe or 55 gallon drums and weed wacker string.  We will get you doing wheelie drops, climbing a mountain, or building a fire.  We'll inspire poetry while transforming a pile of sticks into a work of art.  And, we'll help you bring your own, unique brilliance to shine on what we are creating together.   But, sitting behind a computer, running a social media campaign to raise money to get this camp off the ground, is not exactly our cup of tea...  Our soot-covered fingers keep smearing glop all over the keyboard and it's hard to sit here when we know there are bikes to fix, yurts to build and gardens to plant.  So, won't you help get us back outside where we belong, by donating and we'll send you some wearable STEAM swag?  They will look awesome on you (we promise) and everyone will want to know how you got so stylish!  Our logo, designed by the amazing Eliza Carver, is featured prominently and is quite the conversation starter.  

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