Fire and Water Day Camp

July 1-12, 2019

Bristol, Vermont

The Fire & Water camp is based in Bristol and includes daily trips into the mountains and around the Champlain Valley. Our big yurt sits near the pavilion and the Hub Teen Center, with access to all of the Bristol Rec fields, the pump track, and the tennis courts. 

We begin each morning with a circle where we can share a song or poem that moves us, a quandary we have been chewing on, or we can discuss whatever topic arises. The morning then unfolds into fascinating science experiments and creative projects like giant funky sculptures, drawings, lyrics, and hip-hop beats, all while pondering a question like what do we want our world to look like in 1,000 years?

After lunch and a good game of something-ridiculously-fun-that-kinda-has-rules we head out. To the river, to the lake, to a mountain peak, to a museum or somewhere else to cool off our heads on a hot summer day and let our joy keep bubbling. At 5:00 we are exhausted and ready for a good nights rest so we can do it all again the next day. With as much as we do and we plan, our prevailing philosophy is "We shall see" because we never know when the rain may pour or when someone might have a brilliant idea that we must drop everything for and bring into reality. 

This year we are also offering a bonus weekend at Button Bay State Park We will have 4 campsites for Friday and Saturday night and during the day we will go to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum for a boat trip on the lake and an ancient tools experience where we will go back in time and learn what life used to be like in Vermont. This bonus weekend is included in the price of the camp, and we encourage all of our campers to attend, however, campers can opt-out if they so choose.

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