The world that today's teens are inheriting is full of unique challenges and opportunities that humanity has never faced before.  From climate change to the ravages of war and disappearing species and altered ecosystems, humans have clearly made an enormous mark on the planet.  The Vermont of the coming years, like the northeast, our country, and the world is going to be very different from the one we know.  And, yet, there is tremendous opportunity and possibility for a bright future with the right thought and action.

From the Greek work “oikos”, ecology is a branch of science concerned with the study of organisms and their environment.  How do we live in ways that are sustainable...for us; for the planet; for the other organisms we share it with?  Are humans somehow separate from the rest of nature, or can we find our niche as a unique species in a dynamic system?  

Learning about the natural world is a central theme of STEAM, and we will be focused on doing so in the context of humanity, society and the role we play in our ecosystem.  Though we will discuss some pretty heavy topics, we will go out into the world full of the joy of discovery and with hope for the future.