This form is for campers or anyone thinking about being part of this camp this summer to fill out.  The more you tell us about you (you can write as much as you want in the last box), the more this camp will be just the thing you want to be part of.  We want your ideas!

Camper's Name *
Camper's Name
Camper's cell phone #
Camper's cell phone #
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I have (or can get):
You will need a lot of these things - some of them are optional. If you don't have them we will help find them for you - so tell us what you need and we'll get working on it!
We should do a lot of (which of the following) at camp this summer?
We should do a lot of (which of the following) at camp this summer?
You don't need to click on all of these things, but do click on anything you have a big opinion about! There is a place to add your own ideas at the end of this list.
Making our own instruments
Learning to play an instrument
Composing songs
Electronic music
Making a recording
Mountain biking
Building mountain bike trails
Nature art
Collage making
Giant puppet building
Taking apart old pianos
Building stuff
Fire making
Helping out in the community
Writing poems and songs
Talking about important things
Exploring and adventuring
Zucchini hurling competitions
Playing in mud
Building a clay oven
Stream stomping
Overnight camping
Metal working
Sitting next to a campfire, relaxing and eating good food
Weeks attending camp