Art and Creativity

Art is something that permeates almost every aspect of camp activities and creativity is at the core of pretty much everything we do. Though there is value in memorizing information and learning by being told what and how to do things, this camp focuses on exploration, problem solving and self-expression – with just enough guidance to ensure some success and keep things safe. Campers work with each other and with staff to create murals, paintings, sculptures, structures, functional machines, model communities, performance, and some of the very structure of the camp. We will build large puppets out of paper mache, forge steel, work with clay, create with found and natural objects, write our own plays and compose our own music.

Art is a way to share how we feel with others, a way to better understand ourselves and a way to solidify our own individuality. Art is also a very flexible medium and we may involve some woodworking and mathematics-in-nature in our art projects. Student are encouraged to come with ideas of their own to add. At STEAM we will strive to give rise to an all-inclusive environment in which to create, a space in which students can work together or alone, a place where everyone is comfortable with sharing, and a place that encourages proactive, hands on learning.