Welcome to STEAM Vermont

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At STEAM VT we cook over glowing coals. We lounge in the water. We create, we destroy, we argue and we joke. We embrace the laziness of a summer afternoon and the exhilaration of climbing mountain peaks.  We make our music, tell our stories and gaze at the stars.  We learn to carve wood, shape metal and be part of a team.  We discover our art in nature.  And, we talk about the things that matter most to us around the crackling of the fire.

Ages: 13-15

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STEAM VT encourages and supports youth empowerment through hands-on, experiential explorations of science, arts, music, society, team building, personal challenges and discovering our own stories. We strive to ignite passions in young people with a focus on creativity, expression and valuing what each individual brings to the group. We celebrate and nurture the diversity of ability, interest, background, culture, and experience of all who are part of the program.


Challenge By Choice:

Our programs include plenty of opportunities for young people to challenge themselves in all sorts of ways: physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually. We support our campers to push their boundaries, and we trust that they will make the leap when they are ready. It may not happen this moment, or even in this camp, but we are not here to push you off…just to point the way - and to catch you when you need us to.